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Bespoke Bouquet Design

We will work with you one to one and go through everything together to make sure you have all the options and the design perfect for you.
Here is a quick and easy guide to the process of how we build your package/design. 


Step One:
What Do You Need?

We can help with flowers for any occasion or person including:



New Home


Get Well Soon

Any occasion when flowers are fitting





Best man/men/woman

Flower Girls

Mini buttonholes

Mums / Dads / Special Guests

Buttonholes / Corsages (pin or wrist)

Hair Decorations

Cake Flowers

Place settings

Venue Decor

...and if you don't see what you need, just ask, we'd love to help if we can. 

Step Two:
Choose a Size


From left to right, choose from the 18 stem (Bridal size) Bouquet (24cm), 12 Stem (20cm), 7 Stem (Bridesmaid) (16cm),

3 Stem Posy (12cm), Single Rose Flower Wand (8cm) & Single Flower Buttonhole (6-8cm). 

We also make a Supersize version if bigger is better, and options for double or triple flower buttonholes and corsages. 

*measurements in centimetres and approx based on flowers only, will be wider with foliage.

A Size Guide.jpg

18 stem            12 Stems              7 stems            3 stems

Step Three:
Choose Your Flowers

We have 30 varieties of flowers to choose from! All hand made, from sheets of paper, transformed into the most intricate stunning flowers!

Popular combinations are:

Garden Rose & Kusudama

Rolled Rose, Garden Rose & English Rose

Peony, Rolled Rose, English Rose, Unfurling Rose, Pointed Rose and Garden Rose

Or choose any combination of your favourites from the below image gallery.

Step Four:
Foliage Options

Foliage is an optional extra, you can absolutely keep the bouquet just as flowers or if you would like a little more shape we have the following options.


The Flower Collection

Choosing Colours

There are over 150 colours to choose from, so we are pretty sure we should have a good match for your colour palette. 

Initially we just need a general idea for the notes.

Let us know general theme for example, neutrals, pinks and greens then nearer a make date we will send all our colours from those groups. We will send them with a handy little choosing guide to help you, and will be happy to chat on the phone if you need more help with your choices. 

We think its is massively important for you to be able to see and choose colours in person, so we always send physical swatches to choose from.

This way you can colour match and get a true reflection of how the colours look together and in both natural and artificial light. 


Securing An Order

Once we have discussed all the options in the first 4 steps and have a rough idea of colours we can get you a free no obligation quote. We can revise and tweak this with options until its the perfect fit. We work with all budgets and want to make sure this feels right for you.

When you are happy with all the details the order can be secured with a non-refundable deposit of around 33% of the overall total leaving the balance of the remaining funds due the month before the work begins. All figures will be shown at the time of quoting and booking, along with payment due dates.

Orders will usually be made and posted around 6-8 weeks prior to the event unless agreed otherwise.

Prices & Extras

Price Guide

We know how important it is to be able to budget correctly for a wedding which is why we like to be as transparent as possible and up front with our prices. This is just a guide! We work with ALL budgets, so please don't be afraid to ask. We can't make a supersize bouquet for half the price but we can help you find the best options to keep the costs down. The final price will be based on the overall style, size and finishing details. Below are the starting prices for basic design which would include Garden Rose / Rolled Rose / English Rose combination like the flowers in the size guide images.

Buttonholes from £10

Flower Girl Wands From £18

Hand Fans and 3 stem posies From £30

7 Stem Bouquet from £70

Bridal 12 Stems from £120

Bridal 18 Stems from £175

Cascade from £265

Supersize Bridal from £320

Foliage / Mini Blossoms are an additional cost to the above.

Also available, Hoop Bouquets, Table Decor, Place Settings, Cake Flowers from etc, please just ask for a quote. 

All of the Extras

If you have something you would like included in your bouquet we would love to be able to help with that. We are open to all suggestions but here are some of the things we have added to bouquets over the years:

Sheet Music, Books, Poems, Lyrics, Jewellery, Brooches, Magic the Gathering Cards, DnD Dice, Movie Themed Bouquets (a certain wizard is rather popular!)

But we have also done things like safari theme, with little toy animals or Alice in Wonderland theme with clocks and rabbits and potions!

If you have a dream, we want to make it come to life. 

All bouquets are finished with a synthetic smooth hessian style handle but upgrades can be applied if desired - to be discussed if you would like a different option, but in our humble opinion no one's looking at the handle, they are too focused on your amazing flowers!

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